Career Advice Webinar ft. Chuck Rocha

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ICYMI- We interviewed Chuck Rocha, Solidarity Strategies President, former senior advisor on Bernie Sander’s Presidential Campaign, TV commentator, and Tío Bernie author.

Chuck told the story of his political career as beginning as a union steward in east Texas to having his consulting firm. He was very candid about the twists and turned in his journey, sharing his insight as a person who came from circumstances that did not prime him for the world of politics. Despite his start as an outsider, his charisma and passion for serving his community have helped him sustain a long and robust career working several campaigns, commentating, and writing a book, in addition to his consulting work.

His most significant point of emphasis was the importance of people skills; networking, finding your allies and staying humble. His values are reflected in how he runs campaigns and his firm. He calls his firm an ‘incubator’ for the young people he hires. Chuck is committed to clearing the path for people with fewer resources to break into politics.

Chuck brings the same charisma and honesty to his work as he does this interview, imparting practical advice on getting hired and making the most of those experiences. He often stressed the importance of remaining grounded and “being good to people.” Despite making strides in inclusivity, “it’s still about who knows who,” he says.

He also shared advice for the Democratic Party in general. Despite being on the right side of policy, they have a lot of work to do in outreach towards Latino voters and other marginalized groups. In our interview, he breaks down how we can better mobilize voters, which he discusses in more detail in his book.

Chuck shared his colorful and honest approach to working in the realm of politics, providing users with straightforward advice on how to make the most impact in their careers.


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