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GAIN Power is planning the first-ever professional awards programs exclusively for Democratic & Progressive politics. We will acknowledge the most impactful candidates, campaigns, consultants, and cause leaders. The goal is to lift and pay tribute to top talent, tactics, and technology. We aim to honor the people who spend their lives working for progressive change and a better democracy. The awards will showcase creative communications content, game-changing technologies, innovative organizations, and programs. Award will be for candidates and staff, electoral and advocacy organizations, consulting firms and freelancers, and others who contribute to our community and movements. Our agenda in creating these awards is to honor the progressive political leaders and advocate and create a collaborative community resource archive and reference center for this work. Before GAIN Power rolls out activities and events to support them, we want to make sure we have all the proper awards categories. This is where you can help. Our team will curate categories and manage the websites and related programs, but the community and a steering committee of peers will help set rules, protocols and help judge some of the awards.

Please take a look at what has been submitted, vote it up, or submit your own. You must be logged in to do this.

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