Mission & Values

A progressive organizing & co-woking platform

GAIN POWER’s mission is to be the collaborative community and virtual meeting and working place for the leaders & deciders in progressive politics, elections, and legislative advocacy.

We are built for creative change-makers, progressive professionals, Democratic candidates, campaigns, consultants, ideologically left advocacy nonprofits, socially conscious businesses, democracy activists, advocates, artists, influencers, donors and investors, disrupters, resisters & persisters

We created a platform to facilitate professional networking and development, marketing, storytelling, justice, community wellness, and self-care. We a place for shared events, resources, and market space for leaders and activists working to GAIN POWER through electoral and legislative politics.

The founders and team who brought you Democratic GAIN 17 years ago are expanding to celebrate, lift up, market, and promote everyone working for Democratic and Progressive “GAINs” – whether for campaigns, organizations, or companies.

It was going to be an epic election year before COVID-19 attacked the world creating a global pandemic. It was epic politically before Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor’s were murdered and their deaths sparked a renewed civil right and racial justice movement. These two events however represent a radical realignment of the universe and seismic shifts changing how we live, work, manage our community and society.

Our movement is united and motivated to defeat Trump and McConnell, elect more Democratic Senators, and protect and expand the Democratic majority in Congress federally. We also must win and expand majorities in state legislatures, passing progressive ballot measures, protect our Democracy by expanding and promoting voting rights in the states. These were our imperatives before COVID-19. Winning up and down the ballot was critical for advancing our progressive agenda. The November election is now about our survival as a Democratic and civil society.

To that end, we seek only to work with people who share these values and reserve the right to remove individuals or organizations that don’t.

We believe diversity is the strength of our party, movement, and country and yet African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, LGBTQ and Women professionals are traditionally underrepresented in our professional community. GAIN Power seeks to especially highlight those who do this work. We want to create new opportunities for traditionally disenfranchised people and communities who form the base and backbone of our party and movement yet are underrepresented in every place.

Access to opportunities with leading institutions in our space are especially opaque and controlled by a few that do little to create openings for new and diverse consultants and vendors. GAIN Power believes an open and more transparent marketspace will make it easier for more diverse political professionals like women, people of color, and freelancers to market themselves and their products and services. We aim to democratize, demystify, and diversify the democratic & progressive landscape.